Sabine Adameit

Born 1957 in Bremerhaven, Germany

Living and working in the North of Germany, Cuxhaven


Trained as an academic art teacher and journalist, Sabine Adameit continued her fine arts knowledge for many years in the antiques sector. Since her childhood she has a strong affinity for the arts, for painting, music, theater and literature.

About the Work

Adameit’s style of art, known under the name of Digital Arts, offers the possibility to reproduce an artwork in different sizes and on different materials. The works can be purchased in limited edition as photoprints on canvas or on alu dibond. In addition to her success as a visual artist, Sabine Adameit creates also lyrics and short stories. For several years she has been presenting her texts to the public on her website, Arts of, and receives a lot of recognition from international art friends.

Artist Statement

Today, my main focus is on painting, not with the use of oil on canvas, but on the contemporary way with the use of a tablet. The possibility to turn my fingers into brushes, sponges or spray pistols opens up countless options to transform inner images, emotions, thoughts and impressions into my unique digital paintings.”

Sabine Adameit, Digital Artist


Sabine Adameit – Arts of Emotions

The digital artist expresses emotions with the power of colors and forms. Her paintings, created handmade with her fingers, open an access to spirit and soul.
Adameit’s Digital Arts mirror a visual description of the universal energy that holds our world together inspite of daily conflicts in life across the globe.

Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, Art Historian


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